Friday, April 17, 2015

DisneyNature's Monkey Kingdom Hits Theatres Today!

DisneyNature is back this Earth Day with Monkey Kingdom, the newest nature documentary following a family of toque macaque monkeys in the jungles of Sri Lanka. The alpha male Raja rules with a trio of females named the Sisters. They get the prime spot on the trees and first dibs on any food found in the jungle. The heroine of the story is Maya, a monkey born in the lowest hierarchy of the social ladder and has to scrounge for whatever scraps is left. She only wants to keep her son Kip safe and provide him with the best advantages within the family. The group have to cooperate to reclaim their home at Castle Rock when a new tribe of monkeys overtake it.

Narrated by Tina Fey, Monkey Kingdom offers some interesting insight into the social structure of toque macaque and has sweeping landscapes of the lush jungle that is sure to take your breath away. Other critters like sloth bears, elephants and monitor lizards make small cameos in the film. The footage is amazing and so detailed - you will feel transported into this little world.

Monkey Kingdom opens in theatres today, April 17th. For every ticket purchased during opening week, Disney will donate to Conservation International, an organization that will help benefit monkeys and other endangered species. The conservation program will support programs across Indonesia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, protecting animals, restoring forest habitats, conserving fresh drinking water for local populations, and working within local communities to inspire people to join the effort.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser 2

Disney has released another teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Who else is excited to see the old crew back (Han! Chewie!)? I'm also looking forward to finding out which role Gwendoline Christie will be playing, since I'm a huge fan of hers from Game of Thrones. My bet is the chrome trooper!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sakura Days Japan Fair

Last weekend the Sakura Days Japan Fair happened at the Van Dusen Gardens - a celebration of the beautiful cherry blossoms that have been blooming around Vancouver and all things Japanese. Luckily the weather held up when I went!

A pond at the Van Dusen Gardens.
The first thing I did of course, was hit the food stalls! I zeroed in on takoyaki (octopus balls) from Zipang Provisions. It was pretty cool watching the guy make them on the grill!

Next, I tried the pork ramen in fish soup from Benkei Noodle Shop. It was a little bland, but I didn't expect too much from a food tent. 

There were other entertainment, such as musical performances, dances, and the marketplace.

A cool picnic blanket!
Some beautiful cherry blossoms!
For the rest of the afternoon, I joined the TKC Japanese Gourmet Kitchen cooking class taught by Takeshi Hasegawa. He was demonstrating how to make three different types of Japanese soups. The class focuses on healthy and wholesome Japanese cuisine, without the use of chemicals or additives. The class was fun and informative and the soups were very tasty! I'm definitely going to make some myself! 

Vegetable soup.
Japanese Dashi soup.
Chicken and anchovies soup.
Various ingredients used.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kitchen on Main St - Grand Opening Week

Kitchen on Main St is the newest bar/restaurant to open up on - you guess it - Main St. They were having some grand opening specials this week so J and I decided to pop by to check it out.

Meatball slider.
Classic beef ball skillet with fire roasted tomato sauce.
Garlic bread, because I'm a sucker for carbs and garlic.
Chicken ball skillet with roasted vegetables.
Serving American and Italian food, this is a very small place with a casual atmosphere. The fare was pretty typical - soups, salads, meatball skillets and pasta. There was a comedy act at 9:30 so Kitchen on Main St. might be a cool place to hang out in the evenings.

There are different grand opening specials every day of this week, so make sure to check it out!

Kitchen on Main St on Urbanspoon

Disney's Tomorrowland - New Featurette!

A new featurette for Disney's Tomorrowland is out now! Looks like an exciting movie - and reminds me of Disneyland!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Annual Chili Cook-Off at Fresh St. Market

The annual Chili Cook-Off at Fresh St. Market happened today in West Vancouver, with six teams participating for the most votes. A $5 ticket got you a sample from each team and a drink.

Competition was tough, as all the chilies were delicious!

The 6 teams participating.
A palete cleansing station between chilies!
Just looking at this photo makes my mouth water! The chili teams from top to bottom are: Fresh St. Market, Grimm's, Lekker, Village Taphouse, 7 Seas and West Van VPD. Each station provided the ingredients for their chili recipe so you could replicate it yourself! 

A frozen treat was also available - chocolate dipped frozen bananas! Yum!

Chili Cook-off in full swing!

Easter Is Coming...

You know Easter is coming when you see ginormous rabbits in Vancouver.

Watch out for the Lindt bunny near you! Spin the prize wheel and win some delicious Lindt chocolate bunnies!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Burdock and Co. - A Great Place for Sharing!

After seeing some delicious looking pictures on Instagram by other Vancouver foodies, I just had to go to Burdock and Co to try it for myself. All dishes are specifically made for sharing and it is suggested to order 2-3 plates to share per person.

Pacific Octopus and Leek Terrine, Castelvetrano Olive Gremolata, Sherry, Smoked Almond.
Grilled Beef Tongue, Morels, Fiddleheads, Smoked Mackerel and Pickle Mayo.
Yarrow Meadows Duck Breast, East Van Roasters Cocoa Nib and Lingonberry Granola.
The presentation of all the dishes were gorgeous, and everything seems to be in portions of three. Menus change all the time so if you want to try anything above, go quick! Dishes range from $13 to $22 so your bill can add up if you order 3 plates per person plus drinks. Burdock and Co is definitely worth trying because this is the first place that offers the shared plates concept (and also has a communal table!).

Burdock & Co. on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vancouver International Auto Show 2015

The Vancouver International Auto Show is happening this week at the Vancouver Convention Centre. With two levels this year, there are tons of brand new cars to see. The exotic super cars are on the main floor and there are some nice ones. Downstairs you can see all the new 2015 models from all car manufacturers - BMW, Chevrolet, Honda, Toyota, Audi and more!

Personally, I like the red Ferrari convertible better, but I'll take this orange one too.
The Canuck Team Chevrolet.
Does anyone else think of Joey from Friends when they see this Porsche?
Hollywood North - The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.
The yellow really makes this Corvette stand out!
A custom exotic Lamborghini.
Dodge Viper. Everything looks better with racing stripes.
Nissan Blade Glider concept car. This is a prototype for an upcoming electric vehicle.
The Ford Robot was at the show once again.
Michelin man!
Another concept car by Toyota.
Hot Wheels car!
Make sure to check out the cars outside of the Convention Centre as well!
Vancouver International Auto Show is happening from March 24 to 29th. Check the website for tickets and hours.